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A session with Wendy lifts the veil and reminds you that there are forces unseen at work that will heal you if you open, trust, and relax. My recent session left me feeling clear and calm.  I feel more connected to the energy of the creator and am able to find my center more easily.  Each session my faith is restored.  Even the memory of the session is healing!

Molly - Aspen, Colorado

I highly recommend healing sessions with Wendy. She's calm, kind, highly intuitive and professional. I am grateful to her for energetically clearing a stubborn pain that I was experiencing in my lower abdomen. The relief was immediate and has not returned. 
She is also able to see and put words to pain or injuries that I am experiencing in my body without me having to verbally express it. 
Wendy is deeply connected to herself which in turn makes her an amazing healer.

Liz - Haiku, Maui

Aloha! My first session with Wendy will certainly not be my last and I can't wait to get my husband in to see her. The whole experience from start to finish was incredibly calming and wonderfully opening. From walking into her treatment room with the sounds of a nearby waterfall in the gulch - to the beautiful music she had playing the entire session. It was exactly what I needed and more, considering I am 9 months pregnant and have a 4 year at home while my husband travels often for work. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking to realign with their sacred heart and just get back to their center. Her clairvoyant intuitions were also spot-on for certain areas of my body that were holding energy trapped due to stressfull circumstances she wasn't aware off. It was just so nice to have that validated and then cared for. And I can happily report it's been almost a week since my treatment and I am still feeling that uplifting energy flow. 

Mahalo Wendy for all that you do :) 

Ali - Los Angeles, California

Wendy reconnected me with my soul family and lost loved ones. Now I truly feel it in my heart what l know in my head that I’m never alone and I’m always loved and protected. I learned use and trust my angels’ guidance to navigate through the gifts and challenges of life and whatever the universe has in plans for me.
I’m forever grateful Wendy for introducing me to this life changing gift.

Mary - Pukalani, Maui

Sessions with Wendy have been deeply transformative for me
She has helped me to deepen trust with myself and remember the gifts and essence of who I am and feeling that I am able shift my energy, and be held in a space of calm to receive and move through challenges with love and compassion 
She has helped guide me to an awareness of being able to see what is happening in the world and not become it. I am able to stay grounded in my own energy and body and receive it all without taking it on as my own
She has guided me to be aware of and value the power of love and compassion

Ronda - Hali'imaili, Maui

Wendy is an exceptional intuitive healer. I found her work incredibly helpful during my divorce and also with my personal growth.   When I got to a place of vulnerability Wendy made me feel very comfortable because she was so excepting and non-judge mental.  I walked away from every session feeling light free and uplifted.  I highly recommend Wendy if you're working through emotional or physical pain.  The work she did with me was life-changing I have so much joy in my life now.

Danelle - Kula, Maui


I am an intuitive healer who has been practicing the healing arts for over 20 years in Maui, Hawaii. I am trained in many healing modalities as well as being a licensed massage therapist, certified Reiki Master/ Teacher & Craniosacral practitioner. I'm gifted in helping people recover from stress and trauma. I offer individual private sessions at my healing studio in Haiku, Maui.

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How I Can

Help You


Intuitive healing

increased clarity, Connection to your sacred heart


Spiritual Lifeforce Healing Energy


core healing & trauma recovery, balances rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid

Reconnection alignment

connect to your higher self

Jin Shin jyutsu

Asian energy healing using same concepts as acupressure

Hawaiian lomi Lomi

deeply healing and relaxing massage

Each session incorporates a unique fusion of these healing modalities that is divinely guided for you. I am clairvoyant. Blockages can be cleared in your auric field with assistance from this Christ centered healing. This often reduces or eliminates physical pain in that area. It will also make way for higher uplifting vibrational frequencies, aligning you with your own source of energy for increased happiness peace and well being.

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